Our Story

Founded in 2016, the mission of the Robinson Foundation is to create meaningful impact through giving back to humanity with good nature and generous hearts. We do this as a family-operated foundation, where each member of our board is tasked with seeking out areas of need where our contribution can create real change in the lives of those affected.

We understand that individuals and organizations encounter circumstances every day that they often can’t overcome without assistance from those around them. This hope of making an impact and sharing God’s love is what drives us to serve every day.

Where We Choose to

Create Change

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Caring for One Another

Our focus on the medical needs of children and their families is a cornerstone of our foundation. The hardship of coping with illness and financial stress is a devastating combination for many families with adverse outcomes. We focus on providing relief in the area because we believe that our future truly rests in the next generation.

Weathering the Unforeseen

Disasters, health crisis, and humanitarian emergencies are not something that anyone can plan for, much less easily navigate financially. Our focus here is to create an immediate solution to immediate needs that leave those affected in a better place than before.

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Building Strong Communities

The value of a strong community should never be undervalued or underestimated. It can be the greatest source of strength, support, and spirit that some people encounter in their entire lives. We believe that you get what you put in and that’s why investing in this area is crucial for so many people.

Our Companions in Life

Service and shelter animals play a role in our lives that is often overlooked. The impact on the quality of life for the disabled and isolated people in our communities has been proven time and time again. This is why initiatives that train and care for these animals is so close to our hearts.